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Benefits and Side Effects of Celery Leaf For Health

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Celery leaves have the Latin name Aprium Gaveolens. It is a plant originating from the subtropical regions of Asia and Africa. This celery tree is small, less than 1 meter tall. The leaves are compounded with long stalks. The trunk is short, square and grooved longitudinally.

One part of this plant that has many benefits is the leaves. Although it has many benefits, this leaf also has some disadvantages that make some people in certain conditions are not recommended to consume this leaf. Well, here we will peel the benefits of celery leaves and following information about the side effects.


The Benefits of Celery Leaf

The nature of celery juice that can cool the body temperature can be used as a febrifuge. How to process it is :

  • Pound the celery leaves to taste
  • wring the results of a collision to get water
  • Apply to the head of a child who has a fever

2.Lower cholesterol levels in the blood
Celery is a herbal plant that is low in calories. It only contains 16 calories per 100 g, and contains non-soluble fiber. This content is what makes it can be used as one of the ingredients to lower blood cholesterol levels and is suitable for weight loss.
How to Process it :

  • Mash 100 gr celery until smooth.
  • Add boiled water and cook until boiling
  • Filter the boiling water
  • You can add honey as a flavor that replaces sugar
  • Drink the potion twice a day.

3.Treating Dry Eyes
Celery has the content of vitamin A and beta carotene that serves as a natural flavonoid antioxidant. It is needed by the body to keep the mucous membranes, eyes, and skin to stay healthy. For that if you experience dry eyes, sore, and itching do not rub it to cause irritation. Simply herb medicine using this celery leaves. How to Process it is :

  • Pounded celery leaves together with spinach leaves and moringa leaves.
  • After a fine collision, add a little salt and water
  • Drink the mixture three times a day for optimal results.

4.Treating Anemia
Body condition is weak, tired, lethargic because anemia of course very disturbing activity is not it? Well, you can use celery leaf potion to overcome the condition. The content of folate in celery leaves can be used to help treat anemia. How to Process it is :

  • Make juice with a mixture of celery leaves, pineapple, honey and water.
  • Drink regularly juice mixture every day until the body feels vit again.

5.Treat rheumatic diseases
Rheumatism is a disease that attacks bones. Vitamin K content in celery leaves can help the body to use good calcium for bone. Therefore, celery leaves can also be used to treat bones. The way is quite easy. You can use celery leaves as a side vegetable to be used as daily food ralap.

Side Effects of Celery Leaf

  • Allergy

If you are not familiar with the smell of celery, then you should not consume it. For people who are sensitive to the smell of celery, the leaves of this plant do not function as a medicine, but it can cause allergies. Symptoms can be itchy, reddened skin, swelling of the mouth and dizziness. It can also cause abdominal disturbance problems, and the most severe, can be at risk of coma to death.

  • Uterine bleeding and contractions for pregnant women

Celery leaves are also not good for overeating for pregnant women. It can lead to bleeding and uterine contractions. Therefore if you are a mother who is in pregnancy. Consider the level of consumption of these leaves so as not to harm the fetus in your stomach.

  • Carcinogenic when heated

Celery is included in the list of foods that should not be reheated. Nitrate content in celery, as well as on spinach which, when reheated, will turn into nitric acid. This nitric acid is harmful to the body. He is at risk of triggering the growth of cancer.

So, although celery has many benefits, as mentioned before, but it is not good if it is reheated. These benefits will disappear and turn into a deadly disease that is cancer that is very harmful to our body.

  • May reduce breastfeeding if breastfeeding

Excessive consumption of celery is not good for a breastfeeding mother. This can lead to a reduction in the mother’s milk.

Well, that was just some of the benefits and side effects possessed by celery leaves. Please understand your body condition is it suitable to use this celery leaves as an alternative treatment or not.

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